A Title to Remember

This week I got to sneak out of my "real job" a little early to spend a Wednesday evening with my dear friends Brian and Jennifer Haas at their home/kennel in Columbia, SC. Brian has been named the 2021 All American Running Hound Classic president, and he had a specific photo in mind that he wanted to use for his section of the program. With a 6 person team, we set out to procure a photo of Brian with two stacked dogs. He had chosen his hounds Haas' Heybo and multiple time bench champion Haas' Ramses to represent the two different types of hounds in his kennel.

Let me tell you folks, it is no easy task getting two hounds set up standing next to each other and snapping a photo with both dogs standing correctly, heads facing the right way, and tails up. Things become even harder when it's a typical SC summer afternoon. We all looked like wet rats by the end of the shoot, but we were able to all work together to get the image Brian had in mind.

I've "known" Heybo for most of his life, since Brian and I hunted at the same deer club for many years. Brian mentioned to me that being used as a stud dog over the past couple years has really started to age his friend, and for that reason alone I was so glad I had the opportunity to preserve some memories of him. He is a well-loved member of the Haas kennel, and he knows it. Although he clearly enjoys hunting more than playing show dog, Heybo was a great sport about the whole photo ordeal.

I also enjoyed meeting Ramses, the hound that Jennifer has been trying her hand at showing. Brian and Jenn both told me of how Ramses prefers that Jenn be the one to catch him up in his kennel, and I loved capturing a few moments between the two.

After we finished the shoot, Brian and Jennifer invited me in for a cold drink while we looked over their images and chatted on about dogs for much longer than we anticipated. They are always excellent hosts, and I enjoy catching up with them every chance I get. Evenings like these make me wish this was my "real" job!

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