Charleston dog photographer poses for camera with one of her favorite foxhound hunting dogs in the lowcountry of SC.

Hi y'all. I'm Jessica.

I'm a houndswoman from South Carolina. I've spent well over a decade hunting hounds on deer, raccoon, and fox/coyote. I've also done my share of showing Treeing Walkers, Blueticks, and Foxhounds. My favorite days usually involve listening to some sort of hound run with good friends, with either my Benelli 12 gauge or a cold Bud Light in hand...just depending on the day.

It goes without saying that many beloved dogs have come and gone through my kennel. I cherish the memories of each, and without a doubt one of my favorite ways to remember them are through photographs. To the left, you'll see a low quality cell phone photo of myself with my absolute favorite dog, my soul mate, Waylon. I have absolutely no high quality photos of the two of us together, and now that he's gone that's something that pains me terribly. It's my hope that I can help other dog lovers never know that feeling. I want to make sure you have beautiful memories of your best friends/partners that you can cherish many years after they are gone.

I've discovered in the past couple years that photographing hounds and their handlers brings me immense joy. The genuine delight clients express upon seeing a special moment between them and their dog captured forever in a photograph makes me think of the love I feel when looking back at photos of my own hounds.

As a handler myself, I'm committed to bringing you the most flattering images of your personal dog. No dog is perfect, but EVERY dog has something that makes it beautiful. I'm well versed in conformation, and I know how to photograph your dog in the most flattering manner. This sets me apart from many other photographers who may know how to get "pretty" photos, but not necessarily photos that showcase the best parts of your dog's conformation and personality.

It's also my goal to show the non-hunting public all the very best aspects of our sport. The bond between real "dog men/women" and their hounds is sacred, and I want those who don't participate to see the beauty behind it all.

SC dog photographer poses for "selfie" with her "heart dog"-a black and white Treeing Walker Coonhound named Waylon.

Myself and my "heart dog," the original Poison Whiskey hound-Waylon.

Pet Owners-I "Get You," Too!

I don't limit my work to breeders, handlers, and hunters. I love working with companion dogs and their owners as well!

Although my personal dogs are hunting dogs, at the heart of it all they're my companions. My safe place to land after a hard day, a head tucked to my chest as I wrap my arms around them (which I do, daily!).

I have a tremendous bond with every dog that wears my name on its' collar, as you can see in the photo at left of me with one my best, Chief. I treasure this particular photo because the love we have for each other shines through so brightly. That's the kind of image I want to capture for YOU and your dog.

Contact me today so we can plan your session. There's no better time than right now, because I've learned the hard way that there is in fact such a thing as "too late." And that has broken my heart countless times.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“I will never be able to thank you enough for always going the extra mile to get amazing photographs of my crew! Not everyone who owns a camera or calls themselves a photographer gets to say their photographs have been featured in or worthy of ads in American Dog Fancier, Canine Chronicle, etc. You should be extremely proud of the work you do! There is a reason I keep putting my hounds in front of your lens.”